The Institute & its team

The Artline Institute is first and foremost a team of people passionate about innovative and digital teaching, dedicated to their students and to graphic creation.

The story

Loss of interest, a system that is made to break you, new expectations, lack of support, elitism. Most schools today are rigid and concern themselves more with selecting students who are already successful than transforming them into real professional talents.

We can do better in education.

This is the simple observation Artline’s founding team made after experiencing said system first-hand, and this is what led them to creating the Artline Institute.

Going against the immutable totem of education, we bypass problems, think about solutions and offer another option. A structured and adaptive alternative.

The Artline Institute places the learner at the heart of the learning process and helps them achieve their professional objectives and reach fulfilment.

Artline’s purpose is to enable each learner to assert their vocation and develop it in the field of digital and graphic design. To detect their talent, to develop their strengths and to make each one exceptional in their own way.

This is only possible if we respect the particularities of each student, focus on their progress and adapt to their learning methods.

Artline is situated between remote learning and face-to-face teaching, with a perfect balance between flexibility and a framework that allows everyone to progress at their own pace. A thoughtful pedagogy, the best mentors in the sector, small classes and a large community.

For once, the school adapts to the learner, and not the other way around.

Yohan Blanc

Director of the school and co-founder

I’m in charge of delineating the school’s ambition and the learning experience, and of developing our professional network

Thomas Blanc

Co-founder, Technical and HR Director

I orchestrate team development and digitalize the learning environment.

Pascal Chave

Director of student experience and head of the Concept Artist & Illustration division.

I follow you along your journey, oversee your training experience, and I am committed to your success.

Lucile Boileau

Training course Director and head of the 3D-VFX division.

I’m the designer of the program that will allow you to succeed as a 3D graphic designer.

Amélie Versele

Chief Financial Officer

Violaine Raguin

Head of Spatial Design division.

I build and pilot the spatial design program.

Grégoire Clémençon

Head of the Game division

Let me help you live an adventure in which YOU are the hero.

Tiphaine Aigouy

Head of Graphic & Digital Design

I guide students so they become the graphic & digital designers of tomorrow.

Merouane Attaf

Pedagogical referent

I listen to you and guide you in your application, and for the ambitious among you, I show you the way to success

Isabelle Roy

Pedagogical referent

Sarah Hammar

Pedagogical Counsellor

I listen to you and guide you in your application, and for the ambitious among you, I show you the way to success.

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