Thanks to our pedagogical expertise acquired from leading schools in the digital creation sector (3D animation, video games, motion design...), we have noticed that many candidates, even though they volunteered, could not follow a complete training course.

The obstacles can be at start: age problem, time, means, level; but also during the formation: loss of motivation, lack of progression, elitist selection in the superior year or a program which is not in phase with the learner's wishes.

Rigidity, elitism, breaking system, geographical remoteness, full-time activity, family occupation... it is their demands that have brought this concept of a school of excellence in digital creation entirely online.

We have built the pedagogy of the Artline Institute by thinking of this large public of enthusiasts, students, active people, who wish to apprehend and acquire these creative, technological and innovative skills and professions, and to seize their numerous professional opportunities.

At the time of the digital transformation of education, a completely different form of learning is proposed, integrating new technologies and digital pedagogies, innovative and responsible. In addition, we pay particular attention to individual support and give priority to listening and advice to help each individual progress. Well-being and self-confidence are the key elements of success.

Our vocation: to offer a unique training experience to an audience of enthusiasts, rich in its diversity; to offer a collaborative spirit between our students and our team of mentors, renowned professionals in the field of digital creation.

Yohan Blanc, Director of Artline Institute

The school in 3 major values





Discover your talents and build your career path to reach your professional goals.

We support each student individually in managing his creative momentum and progress. You will be surrounded by professionals who have participated in Avatar, Assassin’s creed, Kung fu Panda, Harry Potter...


To train and build a portfolio based on personal interests in order to enter the digital creation market.

The mentors of our online graphic design school will stimulate you and help you realize the ambition of your projects, to reveal what will make you stand out as a professional in your speciality as a digital designer..


To have the freedom to organize your formation in order to reconcile your activities.

Exercising a professional activity, dedicating yourself to a hobby, having a family life. Because everyone has their own method, we provide you with the necessary environment for an optimal progression, while leaving you the flexibility you need to succeed. These are all the advantages that distance learning in graphic design can offer to you.

The typical week

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echanges collaboration
classes virtuelles
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New video courses of the unit available on the platform

Project* to be carried out putting new knowledge into practice

Accompanying and exchanges with collaboration and discussion tools

Live exchanges with the mentor and the whole class

Submission of the project* carried out on the platform

Live projects* correction, individual and collective

* Projects: practical exercises, assignments, individual or collaborative projects, lasting one week or over several weeks, until the long end of studies project.

From your passion... to its professional achievement!

Progressive objectives

Micro-exercises, tutorials, projects, each practice has a precise and progressive objective ranging from discovery to the mastery of one or more professional skills.

A continuous and positive evaluation

The objectives of the proposed exercises are structured to be achievable in order to give our students confidence and success.

Personal projects

You never succeed as well as when you do what you love. The proposed environment allows you to bring your own world into your achievements, reinforcing your motivation and your involvement.

A competency-based evaluation

Weekly evaluations allow you to gain experience points in the different knowledge put into practice. You are thus led to progress and see your portfolio of skills grow from week to week.

Live and commented weekly feedbacks

Each week, the mentor comments and evaluates the work of all learners. With this quick feedback, you can improve your creations and perfect your mastery of the knowledge at stake.

A measured workload

Thanks to our measuring tools, we have a precise control of the workload to be provided in order to achieve the objectives. Being creative also means having time to express yourself!

A school of excellence in digital creation and graphic design entirely online

pedagogie innovante

An innovative, structured and demanding pedagogy

A teaching method that is derived from the best schools in the sector, but which respects the creative personality and rhythm of each individual.

engagement equipe ecole

A maximum commitment

The unique experience of learning in a small, close-knit group, emulating collaborative work with permanent support from the mentors and the pedagogical team.

accompagnement projet personnel

A support for everyone in their personal project

Discover your desires and draw together a coherent path to distinguish yourself.

reseau et jury professionnel

Network and professional jury

Immediate networking as a result of a very strong relationship with the mentors. A jury of experts organised each year, in presential and remotely.

budget maitrise

Your budget under control

Significantly less expensive than equivalent presential formation.



The freedom to organize your formation in order to balance your professional and/or personal activities.

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Constant support, exchange and collaboration

The platform and its exchange tools are available 24 hours a day. All courses and project corrections are available by replay.

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Choose your starting date

Register at any time to join one of the annual promotions.

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