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Turn your creativity into a profession by joining a school specialized in Digital Arts!

Our 100% online BACHELORS and MASTER curriculums enable you to aim for a job and a career in one of the many promising fields of digital creation and design.

For beginners: the integrated DESIGN & DIGITAL or GAME / VIDEO GAME PREPA (Bachelor 1) gives you the tools and skills you need to access the higher curriculums.

100% online curriculums leading to qualification and professionalization


Learn from renowned working professionals

Exceptional mentors

They share their work and their techniques with you. They’re a constant support on our live platform.

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You are coached towards the professional opportunity that suits you.

Youen Leclerc, Lighting Supervisor, Framestore

Youen Leclerc has been working in the special effects industry (VFX) for 9 years. He has participated in the production of many films, such as Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Godzilla, Total Recall, Aladdin, Hercules, etc. Now based in London, he specializes in Lighting out of a love of the artistic dimension of this discipline and also of its close link with the profession of Director of photography.

An innovative online method

We defend a pedagogy centered around projects and in flipped classrooms. Learning focuses on the acquisition of skills with the constant support and supervision of passionate experts.

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